What you need to know

  1. The eve of departure, we always organize a friendly briefing on our premises. This is very important, regardless the length of the circuit because during this meeting, we will design together the itinerary of your trip. However, the stopover so determined, may be modified at any time by our guides, depending on the wind direction, tides, or just … the group wishes.
  2. During our trips we never take mineral water. We operate like scientific expeditions, purifying the water drawn along, with suitable chlorine based Your health is protected.
  3. All our pirogue tours are supervised by a guide and 2 sailors-cooks and as well scuba divers.
  4. All our dhows tours are supervised by a guide and 5 sailors-cooks and as well scuba divers.
  5. Departures are from Madirokely, a famous Nosy Be -beach.
  6. Departures are early in the morning when the sea is calm, and the sun more gentle.
  7. We tailor our dives according to the group and everyone level. From 2 to 10 meters.
  8. Most of our bivouac sites are outside the usual tourist routes. We are currently the only ones to take passengers there.
  9. Cheerfulness is part of the journey.
  10. All our tours are designed to offer a wide range of coastal and inland sceneries.
  11. Our departure staple food will always consist of fruits in abundance, as well as rice, pasta, spices, rum, etc. We will complete along by fishing, hunting, picking, and buying local products …
  12. Most of the walks are pretext to look for food (hunting, picking), this is entirely a part of our trips spirit.
  13. When winds are favorable, crossings are made by sail. Our motors are safety and security. Motor or sail, this also depends on the group mind.
  14. There are life jackets on board.
  15. Accommodation is under a two person ventilated igloo tent, fitted with insect screens.
  16. We are providing bedsheets and self-inflating mattress.
  17. We have, generally the opportunity to bath daily with plenty of water (wells, streams, waterfalls and quiet sources)
  18. Children from 1 year are welcome (half price for children under 12)
  19. It’s sunny all year round except in February and March. The air temperature ranges, in summer between 78, 8 and 86 °F. The sea is between 75, 2 °F in winter and 84, 2 ° F in summer.
  20. Rrain falls usually at night, when we are under the tent. It is therefore not a hindrance, even in the rainy season.
  21. Winds follow a thermal regime. They rarely exceed 24 mi/h. So, we navigate mostly on calm sea with moderate wind.
  22. Underwater and terrestrial wildlife is very rich but you sometimes have to make a little effort to discover it.
  23. We will never go to Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely or Nosy Mitsio, far too crowded, but in fabulous remote places you never heard about.
  24. Nous pouvons également ,par pur esprit de service, vous réserver des bungalows et des chambres d’hôtel. Dans une gamme de 18 à 100 €. Toutes nos adresses ont en commun le goût, la sympathie et la déontologie de service.
    Le meilleur rapport qualité prix est l’hôtel ” Chez Senga” situé à 200m de nos bureaux sur la plage de Madirokely. A l’heure actuelle c’est un des seuls hôtels à accepter des réservations d’une seule nuit. C’est propre, charmant, au bord de la plage ou juste en retrait pour les bungalows. Au coeur de la vie du village, c’est l’hôtel Idéal pour la veille d’un départ, un court séjour, ou la nuit de votre retour de circuit.

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