A typical day with Alefa

We get up early (around 6 a.m.), because we have to leave early to enjoy the softness of the sun, the singing of birds, the calm waters, and the favorable winds. After an exotic and hearty breakfast, we board and weigh anchor around 8:00 a.m.

Spearfishing is generally not necessary. However, we practice it from time to time depending on the opportunities encountered. We most often buy fish from fishermen directly at sea but also in the villages when returning from fishing.
The fundamental goal of these aquatic visits is to refresh yourself of course, but also to have fun discovering the incredible diversity of the underwater world of this region that we are really the only ones to visit in detail.
En cours de route, nous pratiquons également la pêche à la traîne et la pêche à la palangrotte quand cela est possible.
A thermal wind often has the good taste of rising at hot times, around 11:00 a.m., to push us to sail towards our stopover for the day which we generally determine at the last moment.
The midday aperitif and lunch are taken on the dhow (or the canoe) in the shade of a large awning (stretched canvas which provides shade on board). We disembark on dry land around 2:30 p.m. to prepare camp. Installation in the shade of an almond tree, coconut trees or a life-saving tamarind tree.
In the middle of the afternoon we organize a shower at the local spring (well, river, torrent, or simple stream...), but also a walk for those who want it in the surroundings of the camp (1 to 2 hours of quiet walk ).Exchange with the inhabitants met or only encountered, but also observation of the fauna and flora as well as the entire system of life of this unvisited population with peaceful customs. The opportunity to pick up some wild fruits, quietly visit a village or walk up a mangrove estuary in the low, golden light of the late afternoons here. In all cases too, we do what we want, and we can spend these afternoon hours between swimming and relaxing of all kinds.
Night comes quickly in the tropics! Aperitifs and meals under the stars before going to bed whenever you want, lulled by the curious music of tropical darkness.
NB: During a trip of at least 6 days, it happens that the richness of a site, the tastes of everyone or quite simply the desirable pace to give to the trip, leads us to stay two nights at the same place. This allows us to deepen our discovery of the place and to immerse ourselves more deeply and peacefully in this unique, fragile and little-known universe that represents this Sakalava coast of North West Madagascar.

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