Exemple Croisière 11 jours à Madagascar

Au bord des palétuviers roses

Daily program

This example of a cruise only serves to give an idea of ​​the constitution of a trip according to its duration. It should not be taken literally. The “scheduled” stopovers can be modified at any time by our guides according to the direction of the wind, the tides or simply the desires of each one. The goal of the game is to make you live the most beautiful trip possible in a truly wonderful world that we are still the only ones to frequent…..

We embark on board a large traditional veil dugout (with an engine if…) to leave to discovered an area where the sea represents the only access road. Appointment with 6h45 in our buildings at the edge of the beach for a sympathetic breakfast. We leave Nosy Be for the small Island of Ankazoberavina (1h45 of quiet crossing). Bathe, plunged apnea and discovered of an incredibly rich and varied, nice and coloured underwater world. Then after a short crossing, landing with Anjiabe, long beach of 3km bordered by an semi-abandoned cocoteraie, a site with the extraordinary low tides. It is there that we bivouac. After an aperitif and seafood a meal, nap, bathe and for those which wish it, pedestrian ballade to observe the many species of birds, for the majority endemic in Madagascar. Laid down sun, aperitif, meal… And good night!

Morning departure for two to three hours of crossing, skirting a splendid coast with the varied and timbered relief. We plunge in the course of road on a site completely different from the day before. Then, with the veil or the engine, we continue our voyage towards Amtambao. It is about an arm of the sea apparently inaccessible bus barred to marrée low by sand banks. The poetry of the place is indescribable. We bivouac at the edge of a lagoon on a planted sandy headland of shrubs and coconuts. The typical forest of this area is, right there with with dimensions. Behind, in withdrawal, a marsh where it is easy to observe will hérons them hairy, green pigeons, falculies hooded, wild, sarcelles guinea fowls and rails of Vat. From the site, two arms of the sea curve between the mangroves towards the forest vastness and… the crocodiles. The afternoon, bathe or small ballade in the neighbourhoods of the close village. The evening, aperitif, meal and excellent evening in the light of the hurricane lamps.

Everyone gets up at his/her own pace apart for the courageous who likes to observe the funny “pintade mythrée” in its morning perambulation. After breakfast the group is selecting the discoveries of the day: the surrounding bush, the nearby river, the village, some can dive, other may go for fishing or just lazing…

Departure according to the tide, more or less early the morning, towards the Island more in North of the archipelago of Radama. (1h30 of crossing). Nosy Ambariopotaka culminates with 166 meters of altitude and composes a new landscape. Sand bleaches and we bivouac vis-a-vis the vastness océane of the channel of Mozambique. Just at side, a small hamlet and one or more hulls of boutres in construction rest on a bed of periwinkles roses’ and white. Andre, the Sakalava carpenter builds them according to secular traditions’. The whole is bordered by a lagoon of dream and a primary end of forest on its opposite slope. Deep-sea diving, pedestrian ballade in the Island, idleness.

We have an early departure to Nosy Berafia, just 45 MN distant. It is the archipelagos largest island (2500ha). More or less abandoned coffee, pepper, ylang-ylang, chili plantations, overlooked by high trees are covering the island northern part. They are hosting numerous huge bats and many green-pigeons. The air is perfumed; an ancient colonial-style house is completing the quaint, out of the 20s charm of the place. We dive on a new and different spot, using this opportunity to catch our dinner. Walkers will enjoy strolling around this stunning island. The nearby old distillery is also worth visiting.

Loading the morning towards this insulated Island whose name means as a Madagascan “the easy ground”. Often deserted, Antanimora is sometimes inhabited by cucumber plungers of sea II which spaces it few days, throw on this Island an environment of gold diggers their smiles and their hair bleached by the sun salted broad, says some long on their life of nomads of the seas. We walk in this curious atmosphere, along the filaos (coniferous tropical) and we climb grassy slopes whose scattered aloës and the bouquets of mango trees place our imagination confused between Africa and Mexico… the panorama is imposing and disconcerting. Diving and underwater fishing with the accesses of the island. Ballade and climbing on the heights.

Raised sun on this imposing landscape which we contemplated yesterday. We organize the morning according to the constraints of the circuit: search food, restocking out of water, detergent, walk, bathe, idleness… We leave the afternoon towards the village Ankatafa. Normally we have wind and the way lasts 2 hours approximately with the veil. Arrived at the end of the afternoon within a framework apparently idyllique. Finished sand, places at the rollers and with the mangroves we camp in the village, slightly in withdrawal of the sea. We have just changed world, we are in the universe of the “tanety”, kinds of hills which, as of the waves seem to leave ad infinitum. the forest appears absent, but make confidence with the guide; we will discover the secrecies jealously kept by these austere hills. Aperitif, meal… Good night.

Towards 6hoo, we leave in excursion in the area. Here, the forest and the rice plantations run on kilometers between two hills. True thin and long tufts of greenery which shelter quantities of guinea fowls, pigeons green, raptors and other more discrete birds Sakalava of this area are different from their neighbors more in North. More held, they live in a rougher world, less simple, and the omnipresent vastness which surrounds them worked with the image of the mangroves : flexible and humble the après) midi is held according to its meetings and its desires bus at this stage of our voyage, we are really together in the same history…

We embark early towards North to pass the part Is basin of the Radama islands. We plunge in the course of road on strange sites whose coral resembles pinks of sands… According to fishing, we take again our road more or less late in the morning towards Tsangazira. It is about a quiet beach bordered of coconuts to the accesses of a small quiet village people cultivate rice, manioc there, corn and their kindness is once again a puff of hope in this world. the area is mountainous, which offers from the easy of accesses and splendid points of view on the archipelago of Radama.

Departure the morning for the Island of Nosy Iranja (45 min approx.). Two Islands in fact, connected by a white sand bank of 1 km surrounded by two lagoons whose light and blue ones confer on this place a coral environment of dream. Diving in the neighbourhoods and ballade on this language of sand surprisingly white and luminous. When the winds blow, we will ennallerons ourselves… i.e. around 13 hours. Return to the veil carried by the serenity of these magic dugouts.

Customers' opinion

Charlotte et Olivier
Séjour en mai 2023

Semaine extraordinaire !
Semaine de rencontres, découvertes, partage, émerveillement, rires, fous-rires avec un équipage en or!

Un énorme merci à Jacky de nous avoir si bien chouchoutés.
Un grand merci à Simon de nous avoir autant régalés.
Un grand merci à Zozo de nous avoir fait beaucoup rire.
Un grand merci à Jamil pour son côté pince sans rire et les super poissons pêchés.
Un grand merci à Stéphane d’avoir été au petit soin pour nous.
Un grand merci à Claude de nous avoir si bien fait naviguer.

Nous avons la chance d’avoir déjà beaucoup voyagé … et, très peu souvent, nous avons eu la chance de ne croiser aucun touriste durant 5 jours et être autant dans le partage.

Nous gardons très précieusement tous ces souvenirs en tête.

Bravo et merci à vous et Alefa pour ce que vous faites.

Charlotte & Olivier

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Circuit Alefa Nosy Be Madagascar
Jocelyne Vignal
Séjour en novembre 2022

A Dominique , notre bonne organisatrice

A notre équipage :Serge ,Sylvano,Abdu,Baby,Jamila,Bebeto et en particulier Jacky qui s’est occupé de nous avec tant de gentillesse et d’attention efficace
Tous nous ont entouré de leur sollicitude
Je pense que vous aurez beaucoup de St Pierrois , ils sont séduits par nos impressions.
Que 2023 vous soit favorable et sans soucis
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voyage à madagascar
Béatrice Bonnet
Séjour en juin 2019
Josiane et moi-même gardons un souvenir ébloui de notre voyage à Madagascar, de la gentillesse et de l’efficacité de toutes les personnes qui nous ont encadrées, Fabien, Zyadi et Zozo en faisant partie.
Il est très probable que je retournerai à Madagascar dans les années à venir.
Plein de belles choses aux garçons, beaucoup de succès dans vos affaires, et bien entendu, un grand merci pour votre message.
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Baobab madagascar
Mick Entresangles
Séjour en novembre 2022

Salut la team Alefa !!
Nous voila de retour dans nos quotidiens respectifs….. Merci encore pour cette très belle parenthèse.
Bravo à vos équipes et à votre organisation sans faille.
A l’année prochaine j’espère…..
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bivouac baleine 6 jours madagascar
Douchet Raphaële
Séjour en 2022

Un tout grand merci Nico pour cette merveilleuse aventure et pour nous avoir fait découvrir Madagascar dans toute son authenticité avec une équipe de chocs à bord. Efficace et joyeuse.

C’est une expérience inoubliable, pleine de surprises tellement inattendues qui nous permettent de sortir de notre monde aseptisé en toute sécurité. Je pense qu’un Séjour avec ALEFA est incontournable si l’on souhaite découvrir, vivre et s’imprégner pleinement du pays. (et c’est une ancienne accompagnatrice de voyage monde qui le dit)

Bravo et encore merci .

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séjour Aurore PALUZZANO
Séjour en 2019

Mbalatsara à toute l’équipe !

Pour la deuxième fois consécutive nous avons renouvelé l’expérience en boutre 12 jours.
Un équipage aux petits soins et des paysages magnifiques loin des touristes : quel privilège !
Des matinées plongées dans des fonds marins encore bien conservés et des après-midis à la découverte des paysages terrestres. Rencontre avec les lémuriens et découverte du mode de vie malgache. Des journées bien remplies orchestrées par notre super guide Jacky.
Une population très accueillante notamment les enfants, toujours curieux de voir arriver les vaza.
Une nourriture locale, préparée par notre super cuisinier Simon, sans oublier les super caïpis de Jacky pour nos apéritifs.
Des pêcheurs incroyables Zozo et Babi.
Un équipage plein d’humour, souriant, très professionnel et aux savoir-faire incroyables.
Nous avons eu la chance de naviguer de nombreuses fois à la voile !!

C’est une expérience inoubliable, qui sait, comme dit le proverbe : Jamais deux sans trois ;)
Nous remercions tout le monde : Jacky notre guide, Claude notre capitaine, Simon notre cuisinier, les beaux gosses Zozo et Babi nos supers pêcheurs ainsi que José notre mécanicien.
Nous gardons en mémoire les chants joyeux de notre équipage qui ont rythmés nos navigations et nos soirées sur terre.
Les gars vous êtes extraordinaires et vous resterez dans nos cœurs à jamais.

Un grand merci également à Nicolas et ses collaborateurs sans qui nous n’aurions jamais pu accéder à un tel voyage.

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Half-price for the children

  • from 3 people 135 €
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  • Go for one day 80 €


Rate indicated / pers / day
Half-price for the children

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  • 2 people 162 €*
  • 1 people 324 €*

*Alefa commits to reducing the tariff to 108 € / day / person canoe if others join the circuit.

  • Go for one day 70 €

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Direct contact

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